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Introducing the crew

I am so lucky to have the most wonderful family, the support specialists I call them ...........

My immediate family have seen to all my basic needs to survive and thrive, social inclusion within community, and they have always made the time, showed patience, and wisdom that others didn't.

My family make me feel loved and special, and really see me for who I am and not my disability. 

Jody Morrish
My Mother

My mum has been my biggestest supporter from the day i was born, seeing that i get all my basic needs to survive and thrive, it’s important that I live life to the fullest with my disability. What matters most is that regardless of my disability, I am able to reach my maximum level of achievement and independence, given my specific circumstances.

I have my mum to thank, for always having my back by advocating on my behalf and being my voice. Therefore, I too can find meaning and purpose in life and develop loving relationships.

25th feb 2006 dad and mat moloolaba.jpg
David Ogden
My Dad

My Dad, David AKA my ATM machine....

I have to say my dad is a good provider. If i need something dad will accommodate me.

Dad shows me (not telling me) that he values me, by spending time with me, by talking and listening to me, by praising things I do, by teaching me (not telling me) how to be competent. Praise and encourage, no reprimand or discouragement, going on here.

I think i have this one in the bag, i have Dad wrapped around my little finger...LOL

Lesley & Leon Morrish
Grandparents & Support Specialists

I am so lucky to have the most wonderful nan or pop who in my lifetime have taken me on the wildest adventures, travel, community events, take me to the park, teach me how to do things, invite me to their home for sleepovers, and tell me funny stories from their childhood so long ago.


I want my supporters to know 
Don't Underestimate How Valuable You Are In My Life
Your Best Gift Is the Gift of Time

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