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The Farm


AAI Discovery Centre

Strathalbyn SA

Fosters the holistic health and well-being of animals, individuals and families of all abilities in South Australia and surrounding communities through encounters and hands-on participation in animal-assisted intervention services of wellness activity experiences.

Is a place where people of all ages and abilities come together to reconnect to the earth, animals, nature and themselves.

Plants and animals live in harmony with nature.

All the farmed animals have been socialised as therapy animals and get to live natural lives and to express their natural behaviours.

Organic Farm

Check out my fun times at the AAI Care Farm Strathalbyn

City Boy Gone Country


Oggy's locally grown, free range eggs come from hens who are free to roam, forage for worms and insects, and dust bathe at their leisure.

They are homed at Strathalbyn,  South Australia, where they have trees, native trees and shrubs to play under for protection.

Oggy's Eggcellent Eggs - produces eggs from a range of different breeds of hens to reflect the different breeds we have and the different needs of our consumers.

This way you can look for the eggs that suit your tastes. 


Free-range eggs have come from birds that, during the daytime, enjoy unlimited access to outdoor pastures. At night, free-range hens are housed in barns which keep them safe. This also allows them to express normal behaviour with perches for roosting and a maximum of nine hens per square meter of usable inside space.

Proud and passionate about our genuine free-range eggs
and welcome (by appointment) you to visit and inspect for yourself.

To Visit Contact 0415 132 654. 

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