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Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Augmentative and alternative communication systems can assist people who cannot speak to develop language skills and increase participation and inclusion in daily activities.  It’s an important tool that can give people more communication control and decrease frustration.

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  • I am a great communicator. I use an Mobi communication aid and an various iPads to facilitate my communication with others.

  • It is very difficult to understand my vocalisation. I therefore, rely solely on my communication devices to express myself and to be an independent communicator. I have a very good understanding of language.

  • I am very independent communicator and I like to chat. Please see information sheet “STRATEGIES FOR COMMUNICATING WITH A PERSON WHO USES AAC” for ways to ensure we have a great chat.

  • If I want to say something but the word is not in my Mobi communication aid, iPad or podd book, I will use other words/vocabulary to talk around the topic and make my point.

  • I use the internet via my iPad to access Facebook, facetime and skype to chat and be sociable with friends and family.


Blast from the Past

U Tube 3rd January 2009

Mat suffers from Athetoid spastic quadrepligia with Dystonia, he loves everything that a 18 year old does including wanting to be on u tube. He uses a Communication device to communicate with.


January 22nd 2017

All tech' d up. 2 iPads, 1 iPhone. Just have to do some fine tuning....


Flick Hunt

 is with 

Matthew Ogden


May 12, 2012  · 

For my man xxx

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