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Mentors & Presentations

Endless Possibilities

Motivational Speaking

Personal Development -

Motivational Speaker: inspire and guide listeners to find purpose and meaning in their life. Talks on motivation, inspiration, or overcoming adversity, which in turn helps people to take action and see the world or their situation from a new perspective.

Business -

Provide encouragement and guidance to business teams at varying levels, from sales people to executive directors. Have experience in business and are able to share their own stories of success (and failure). Cultivate enthusiasm, help teams develop a common purpose, and inspire to improve their work. 

Mentor -

The goal of a mentor is to give some positive guidance and a sense of direction. In hope to inspire people to lead healthy, ambitious lives, which may include topics like living life with a disability, Assistive Technology, finding their calling in life, studying hard, and learning how to interact with others in a healthy way. 

Community -

Motivational talks about important social and community issues. The goal is to educate the public and give them the power to take positive action, or they may give a speech that rallies people together for a good cause.

Assistive Technology Mentoring


Endless Possibilities...

Mentors have lived experiences of using assistive technology (AT).
They assist others by mentoring and supporting them in making informed choices about their AT and home mods needs.


Confidence and motivation can empower you, making you feel that no obstacle is too big, no goal is unreachable and that you have the determination to make positive change to your life.

We understand the importance of motivation. It is motivation that allows us to apply ourselves whether it is in your family life, at work or a specific achievement, motivation is the driver. Often confidence and motivation work together hand in hand. Without confidence how can you be motivated and without motivation how can you perform to the best of your abilities.


We pride ourselves on providing a range of mentoring and coaching services that help to facilitate and support positive change.

1. Assistive Technology Can Increase Verbal Skills with Mobile Apps

2. Abilities Improve Social Skills

3. Digital Tools to Promote Confidence

Living With & Management


Cerebral Palsy

Endless Possibilities...

Whats It’s Really Like to Live With CP?

Individual who lives with cerebral palsy shares their experience with the disease. 

Please Note: Assisted Technology User

Multiple Sclerosis

Endless Possibilities...

Whats It’s Really Like to Live With MS?

Individual who lives with multiple sclerosis shares their experience with the disease. 

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Complementary Therapy


Animal Assisted Interventions

Endless Possibilities...

Animal Assisted Interventions: Activities, Education and Therapy

Animals in the rehabilitation in people.


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