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Living Life Social Club

We Welcome Members (ambulant and all disabilities)

Coupla wurdz about us

Adelaides Active Living Life Social Club

Our Mission

We welcome Members

(ambulant and all disabilities)

We just love Living Life:

Our mission is to fill our lives to the max

with sporting, arts, life skills and recreational oportunities that provide young people with the chance to lead and enjoy a good life, as a group of life long friends and a opportunity to meet new friends.

How did the group come about?

Friends for life Club was started in 2009, by a group of students/parents/Carers who all went through the difficult process of moving from their schooling days onto day options, leaving many good friends and careers/staff whom seem like family behind.

We realised that the quicker we made friends, the easier it was for us to settle in and have more fun.

As a club, our aim is to assist those to adjust to their new surrounding, (as starting on a new adventure but not having all those familiar faces around can be so daunting) we like to think that we are helping in the process of settling into the day options life and to create opportunities to meet others who have/or are going through similar things as them.

We offer a number of ways to connecting with fellow students, including social activities and mentoring ; creating a social network of members, who have 'been there and done that'.

This is our chance to keep in contact and also help out others to form new friendships. Also meet the next year of cool people. It's a great opportunity to keep in touch with existing friends, meet new friends and even catch up with friends you have lost touch with.

Our Club is not only for members whom have finished their schooling years, it is also for students still attending school as an opportunity to relax outside of the school walls, with people of similar ages and similar backgrounds.

The club was formed throughout 2009,

Our membership is fairly evenly split between girls and boys, men and women, aged from early teens to mature in age.

Our club Offers

SA - Social Group

Our mission is to provide sporting, arts, life-skills and recreational opportunities that provide young people with the chance to lead and enjoy a good life, as a group of life long friends and opportunity to meet new friends.

Adelaide's active Social Club of members (ambulant, and all disabilities)

We appreciate it becomes incredibly difficult to keep in contact with friends, especially now that a lot of us have moved on or up from school and/or currently attending various different day option programs, or you may have moved from your home to new housing, or you have changed between various services.

Our Club provides various outings throughout the year, a rich variety of activities including things such as dining out, parties, theatre, cinema, night clubbing, weekend walks, holidays, excursions, concerts, sporting events just to name a few.

Friends for Life is an excellent way to keep in contact with existing friends, find old friends, meet new friends and improve your social life.

If you are a resident of South Australia, once you have joined as a member you can simply pick an activity which interests you and come along, meet up with friends and like minded people.

We promise you will have a blast.

Rules of Attendance

Due to our group being made up of Parents, Grandparents, Family and Carers we are most happy to assist where we can, however it is of most importance that you have the appropriate support on your outings.

You must be accompanied by your own Carer on each outing unless you are legally independent

CARERS are usually family members who provide support to children or adults who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition or who are frail aged.

CARERS can be parents, partners, sisters, brothers, friends, children or others employed as professional carers. (They may care for a few hours a week, or full-time.)

Due to our group being formed by parents, grandparents, carers and young persons (just wanting to have a social life) we will not be held responsible for any incidents, accidents or lack of due care.

It is up to us as a group to display appropriate behaviour and to keep mindful of the wellbeing of all involved.

Forever Friends 4 Life

SA-Social Group.

Adelaide's Living Life Social Club

Our Members base is made up of Members ambulant and all disabilities.


  • Current Students & Previous Students whom have completed thier schooling at Regency Park School.

  • Any other education facility

  • Community facility

  • Day options facilities

within South Australia.

Our member base is made up of Family and Friends, anyone whom wishes to keep in touch with current friends or those whom would like to make new friends.

Free Membership

Become a Member so that we can keep you informed about all our up and coming events.


Membership is free, Just come along to our events and have a blast with great like minded people.


Catch Ya Soon!


Strathalbyn Farm
Strathalbyn Farm
03 Aug 2019, 11:00 am

Up and Coming Events


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