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Graduated from School 2010

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

I commenced school early, i loved every minute of school.

The teachers, were commitment to high quality and effective teaching and learning for all students.

Careers, and qualified support staff made sure that all our needs were seen to.

All of us, as students were engaged in stimulating and exciting learning activities.

The allied health professionals made it possible for any student with a physical disability, like myself, to access equipment, assisted mobility and assisted technology.

I made some fantastic friends along the way, these days a group of us still catch up on a regular basis, i always look forward to seeing my ol school buddies. Others are not here with us anymore, I hold them close to my heart.

I want my teachers, carers, supporters and therapists to know 

Don't Under estimate How Valuable You Have Been In Shaping My Life

Your Best Gift was your education, guidance, support, acceptance and care, with the Gift of Time

Graduated from School Year 2010


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