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Garden Bed Project

We went to Mt Barker to collect some things needed to mend the fences at the farm.

While we were parking, mum spots some large wooden boxes that Bunnings appeared to be throwing out. I thought OH NO! ......I thought here comes another project.

Staff members were near by, and mum asked if they were throwing out, and yes of course the answer was, "Yes all going out", and then here it came "please take what you want".........

Well by the time she decided what she would like, it looked like i must be expected to find my own way home.....yep! drive myself down the freeway in my wheelchair, as the large wooden boxes took up all the back of my wheelchair van.

Thank goodness when she realized i have no way of fitting in to travel home, she gave up her find and was happy with just one of the boxes to complete a garden bed project.

We can always go back i suggested.........not that i ever planned to.........LOL

So here, once again i had to help the mother with the garden bed project. Since she seems to think i am the specialist with gardens, thanks to my community options community garden experiences.

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