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Meywalker 2000


RRP: $4, 359.06

Used Item

Willing to sell for $2,000.00

Please contact 0415 132 654

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for further information

The Meywalk 2000 Gait Trainer is a walking aid and gait trainer for people with disabilities. The gait trainer incorporates springs to help stimulate and develop the gait patterns of the user, as well as provide optimal support. The upper part of the frame is spring-suspended, building the user's confidence and independence by training for a more normal heel strike. The Meywalk 2000 Gait Trainer is highly adjustable to suit the needs of users, and does not require tools to customize. The walking aid is recommended for users with cerebral palsy, considering that it can help change the user's posture and break spasticity patterns.

PRICE: $2,000 ONO

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