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Winnebago Road Trip

Thank you to my Nan and Pop, I got to experience a road trip in a winnebago.

Thanks heaps Nan and Pop, I had a blast.

Hard work for you lifting me up and down those stairs.

Five Reasons you should hire a Motorhome

Choosing to take a motorhome holiday is a choice you will never regret, it shows you a different side of travelling and allows you to go off the beaten track. Here are five reasons why you must consider a motorhome holiday for your next adventure:

1. Flexibility

Forget the stress of running to catch the plane, train or access cab. Want to divert from the itinerary and see something different? You can’t do that on a tour! Travel where and when you want in a motorhome.


2. Price

Renting a RV combines both accommodation and wheels in one! This means more money in your pocket for the important stuff.

3. Modern amenities

The majority of motorhomes have amenities more modern than a hotel. Feel like cooking eggs for breakfast? No problem! A hearty steak dinner after a day of sightseeing? Easy! Not to mention the savings from not eating out!

4. Step back to nature

If you want to see the sunrise, you would have to leave your hotel at 4am. In a motorhome the sunrise is there waiting for you as you open your eyes. Room with a view at half the cost?

5. The people you meet

You will make friends for life at RV parks and campgrounds. Mingle over a cuppa or play a game of cricket. Learn tips from the locals and fellow travellers – many people change their plans after speaking to fellow motorhome travellers.

And also if you are lucky like me, great family friends may pop in for a cuppa, to be part of your special adventure experience.


A Winnebago will not suit all your individual requirements?

Things you need to consider:

  • If you need a wide entry door, you may be out of luck, generally the entry doors are one person wide, so if you are needed to be lifted from wheelchair to van, then you may find it easier to do so from front door

  • How much does the vehicle cost to hire, compared to traveling some other way.

  • You will require a designated driver?

  • Do the cab seats swivel? This is very important for transfers.

  • If you own a fixed motorised wheelchair it will not fit, so you will have to take a substitute set of wheels, generally fold able, do you think you will cope for your adventure sitting in a chair that perhaps may not have all your required supports and comfort.

  • Most motorhome do not include ramps or a wheelchair lift, so will you have the support you require for transfers

  • Will the internal layout allow you to navigate easily and without too many obstructions?

  • Can you move from wheelchair to seat and back again?

  • Are the light switches and other fittings within easy reach?

  • The showers and toilet facilities are usually not big enough to allow easy access? I suggest that you stay at a caravan park with disability toileting facilities

  • Can you operate all appliances and equipment?

  • Remember to check is there room to store a wheelchair (if required) or any other equipment you will need to take along?

  • Are tables and worktops at a suitable height?

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