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Second Lockdown

So this crazy lockdown that was sprung upon us this week, Aged Care and Disability were going to be in lockdown from 12 midnight, my parents quickly organised my out...... So I have been hanging at Strathalbyn Farm for 3 days, trying to cope with not being able to go anywhere out in the community. Strath is a great place to be as I have animals to feed, to see to, and 10 acres of land to cruise around on without seeing anyone. PERFECT.

Today, due to restrictions being lifted for exercise, I wanted to go for a walk (in my wheels) - so I talked mum into getting on her bike, now the funny thing is mum hasnt ridden a bike for years, so she was a little wobbly but we survived. I didnt dare to tell her it was 38 degrees outside, she soon realised once we were on our way. Had Fun.

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