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Back yard Chickens in suburbs

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

I have the best house manager, she really gets me, her name is Linda ....she helps get me through my day, she always is ever so helpful.

So i like to track her down every morning to try and get my messages across so she can help me with my day.

I don't always visit on my own, sometimes i take a freind today is henny penny, can you see her in the photograph?

We have 2 chickens, 2 rabbits, 1 cat and some birds that live at my community residence.

Chicken Council Regulations

You are allowed to keep chickens in a residential area, but check your local council’s website for restrictions. Common requirements are:

  • Coops at least one metre from boundaries and 10m from buildings and streets

  • Control of vermin such as rats and mice

  • Low odour and insects, best achieved by keeping litter clean and dry

  • Dead birds disposed of appropriately

  • Secure food storage

  • No roosters and limited numbers of hens (typically 6)

Also bear in mind that coops above a certain size (typically 10-15m2) will need planning approval.

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