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Exploring my new suburb


O’Connell Street is located in North Adelaide, close to the CBD, with its architectural origins going back to the 1830s. The street is close to some of Adelaide’s most beautiful and historic residences complemented by English style pubs, luxury furnishing outlets, chic office space, retail services and an atmosphere of bustling sophistication. Several major developments in recent years have converted this small shopping strip into a vibrant cosmopolitan stretch. O’Connell street has absolutely everything on offer - over 200 shops, a gym, cinema complex, clothing and home stores. As well as an extensive range of food choices from fast food to chic cuisine and low-key cafés or dining complemented by the North Adelaide Village Shopping Centre anchored by a popular Foodland supermarket. A couple of modern and stylish apartment blocks have been built in recent times which offer great views across the parklands. The location is perfect for a casual stroll or short bus ride to the CBD. There are lots of sporting activities and facilities nearby, including the North Adelaide Golf Course, Next Generation Gym, Memorial Drive tennis courts, the Aquatic Centre and the jogging/cycling trails around the River Torrens.

Oh my lord, my favourite past time .... food, they have so many great cafes and restaurants on O'Connel street, just a short stroll from my new home.

If you ever want to come and visit, please let me know, we could go for a stroll and find things to look at, something to drink and eat, or alternatively a feed at my home or barbecue.

Great art to look at around my new neighborhood -

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